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Hello! Welcome to Yellowcake Pictures, a multimedia design firm based out of Venice, California. We specialize in film, promotional content, web, and graphic design. Transform your brand with.

Featured Work

Take a peak at some of the projects we're most proud of. As you'll come to find, Yellowcake has a diverse roster of clients and wide range of products and services that we offer.

Max & The Mofos

Brand Identity Development 
Promo, Music Video, Website & Logo 

Friends of Jewish

Cemeteries Poland

Website Design 
Curation & Edit of 'Silence & Stone'

Featured Work

Take a peak at some of the projects we're most proud of. As you'll come to find, Yellowcake has a diverse roster of clients and wide range of products and services that we offer.

Featured Work

Get a better idea of who we are & the services we offer through a sampling of our previous work. 

Graphic Design
Honeycomb Wellness Center

Logo, typography, business cards

Farm Direct Cannabis

Logo & Packaging Redesign 

Tipsy Vincent

Brand Identity, packaging & product

Yum Yum 

Logo & packaging 

Southern Utah

Museum of Art 

Film Production 
Ideation, Cinematography & Edit

Tipsy Vincent

Brand Identity Development 
Graphics, Tutorials, Website & Logo 

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Give your project the design it deserves. From music videos to canva templates to keyword research yellowcake designs it all.

Film Production

Web &

Graphic Design 

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Explore a range of services offered by Yellowcake Pictures, from graphic design and film production to web design. Book a free consultation today.

This is an image of the front and back of Honeycomb Wellness Center’s business card. The card displays the company’s logo on the front, which is an icon of a honey bee inside of a hexagon shape, with the words Honeycomb Wellness Center underneathThe bee is a bronze color with gold wings. On the back of the card is the name of the employee, as well as their business title and contact information. The natural colored buiesness cards are displayed on a slate blue background.
This image is a mock up of a coffee cup lid with the Honeycomb Wellness Center logo on it, as well a notebook with the Honeycomb Wellness Center logo on it. We see two versions of the notebook in this image, the front of the closed notebook, and the inside front cover and first page of the open notebook. The natural colored coffe cup lid and notebook are displayed on a slate blue background.

Honeycomb Wellness Center

Logo & business card design

This image is of a 1oz standing pouch package of Farm Direct Cannabis product. The pouch is white plastic with the green and tan Farm Direct logo in the upper left corner. Smaller and displayed on the upper right side of the packaging is a tan and green label that reads “1 oz” On the bottom of the package is a detailed label with the cannabis flower strain name, the legalese and the CA approved stamp. The cannabis package is on a bright yellow background.
This image is a side by side view of a Farm Direct cannabis vaporizer cartridge, seen from the front and the back. On the left hand side, we see the vape cartridge from the front view with the Farm Direct wordmark printed on it in black ink. On the right hand side we see the back view of the vaporize cartridge with the CA approved seal displayed in a black ink outline. The vape cartridge is clear in the middle with a white tip and a silver metal attachment at the base. The two views of the vape cartridge are displayed on a bright yellow background.

Farm Direct Cannabis

Rebrand design, logo & packaging

Logo, brand identity & packaging

Tipsy Vincent (Art & Paint Supplies)

This image is a stack of Tipsy Vincent business cards displayed on a wine red colored background. The rectangular card on the top of the stack is a forest green color, with the Tipsy Vincent wordmark logo stamped in the middle in a buff color. Also printed in a buff color and wrapping around the edge of all 4 sides of the rectangle are the words “Come Paint With Us” repeated 6 times. We can only see glimpses of the 9 business cards stacked below the green card on top, but these additional 9 cards are in alternating shades of buff, red, blue, brown, and ochre.
This image is of 3 rolls of kraft brown colored packing tape, displayed on a wine red background. The packing tape is printed with the word “TIPSY” in large font spanning the width of the tape. The word “TIPSY” is repeated 5 times vertically, deceasing down the length of the tape. The first “TIPSY” is printed in brown ink, the next is printed in blue ink, the third “TIPSY” is printed in off white ink, the fourth in forest green ink, and the fifth “TIPSY” is printed in dark red. After the fifth “TIPSY” there is a brown silhouetted illustration a bunny rabbit.

Logo & packaging design

Yum Yum Chocolates

This image is of a custom printed cardboard counter display standee case for Yum Yum chocolate bars. The counter display case is filled with brightly colored Yum Yum chocolate bars in custom printed metallic wrappers displaying the “Yum Yum” wordmark. There are illustrations of mushrooms on the cardboard standee and well as on the chocolate bar wrappers.
This image is of two “Yum Yum” chocolate bars, the two chocolate bars are situated parallel to one another. Both chocolate bars are wrapped in their pale blue chocolate wrappers, with the wordmark for the “Yum Yum” company printed across the front of the wrapper. The words are printed in a brownish green color, with a brownish green mushroom illustration in the middle of the words. The underside to the mushroom cap is a bright orange color. The overall vibe of the chocolate packaging is cute and whimsical. The chocolate bars are displayed on a teal blue background.
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Need video visibility on major platforms? Yellowcake produces tailored content, from music videos to profiles.