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About Yellowcake

Jake Greene and Kim Ford founded Yellowcake Pictures  in 2015 fueled by a shared passion for design and filmmaking. Jake has a background in large format photography and has had a camera in his hand from a young age. Kim has a background in fine arts and design and got her MFA at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. They have extensive experience producing short films such as, Maneater and Saturday Afternoon as well as music videos such as, The Fire, which debuted on billboard. 

In 2016 Kim & Jake expanded Yellowcake to include their love of design, branching out into building & design websites, logos, brand identities, marketing materials, graphic assets & so much more. Like in filmmaking, great design is made compelling by the utilization of storytelling to sell an idea. The audience should feel a connection to a product, website, or graphic asset, as if it's an old friend, something we accomplish through the subtle weaving of narrative storytelling into our design process.  



Partner & Creative Director 

Kim Ford

Meet Kim Ford, the meticulous eye behind our design. With an extensive background in directing, production design, and studio art, Kim earned her MFA from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 2014 and her BA in Visual Arts from Wheaton College (MA) in 2010. With an innate, almost obsessive attention to detail, Kim always begins her work by hand. Through making this physical connection in the drafting and development stage, Kim can hone in on the narrative elements of the brand, design, or film concept she's working on. Kim is skilled in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, and Audition, XD, Procreate, Editor X, Wix and the MS Office Suite. 

Partner & Head of Production

Jake Greene

Meet Jake Greene, the storyteller behind our films. Jake has been an avid filmmaker and photographer from a young age and can rarely be found without a camera in hand. Skilled both behind and in front of the camera, Jake approaches the cinematic narrative with a fervent veracity. Jake's connection to design also began at a young age, as a runner for his mom's graphic design firm, Alice Inc, Jake spent countless hours of his youth in print shops and around development tables. His innate understanding of the utilization of design to propel business through marketing is unparalleled. Jake is skilled in Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, After Effects, XD, Editor X, Wix, Topaz, Procreate and the MS Office Suite. 


- Eon Productions

- All3 Media  

- Critical Mass Media 

- Rancho Del Cielo 

- Schooner Tree of Life  

- Sparc Cannabis 

- Pilates Pro Flow 

- Honeycomb Wellness 

- Playtone 

- Rancho Del Cielo Malibu

- Schooner Tree of Life  

- Sparc Cannabis 




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